Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm back!

Guess who's back...back again...Jacqui's back...tell a friend...LOL! After a long break, I've started scrapping again. I will not be designing again anytime soon, I'm sorry to say, but this time of year is very busy and after the holidays I hope to find an actual job. It's been a great year, I spent several weeks volunteering and taking a class in my town learning some retail skills and working at a community-run thrift shop and a literacy center's snack shack learning to use cash registers and how to deal with customers, it was quite an experience let me tell you! My husband and I did a lot of traveling, we lost, gained, and lost some cats and kittens and I made some new friends. I'm feeling pretty blessed =)

Now, for some pages, and not just any pages, Christmas pages!! Do your eyes deceive you?? (This will have to be explained some other time, it would take to long now.)

I've been enjoying all the lovely goodies from the Blog Train Blog's December train and just had to scrap with them all. If you download them all together, you basically get a giant co-ordinated mega-kit with all sorts of fun scrapping possibilities. I would love to join one year, it seems so exciting!

Well, enjoy my new pages and I hope you all have been having a good year. I have some exciting news to tell you all in my next post, get ready!

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