Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy & computer problems

I've been a bad blogger! It seems I never have time lately to do much in the way of scrapping or creating new products but I just wanted to write a quick update to say that I'm moving back out west again in a few days and things have been hectic so I haven't forgotten this blog or my store by any means, I'm just crazy-busy lately with packing and getting things ready for my big move.

My other reason for not doing much in the way of creating new products is that I seem to be having trouble with my graphics card as of late and keep getting what's called the White Screen of Death where the whole screen turns white and freezes and no matter what I click or type, I can't do anything to fix it unless I shut off my computer and start it again. I thought I had fixed it this afternoon by downloading a new driver for my graphics card and things were fine for awhile when my computer suddenly froze again, right in the middle of a Photoshop project, before I could even save it! Needless to say I was NOT happy. The only slightly good thing about it was that my screen didn't turn white, it just got stuck. I will have to have my DH have a look at it in a few days. *Sigh*

I will update again once I am unpacked. This is an important move and the computer world can just go on the back-burner for awhile until I've dealt with more important things in my non-online life.

Thanks for understanding and I'll be back in awhile!

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makeyesup said...

Hope your move has been going smoothly and you get the puter problems fixed.