Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Terms Of Use

Here are the terms of use for using my digi-scrap kits. Though a text file version of this is included in each kit, I thought it would be good to also put it up on the site, please read it, thank you.


• Use this kit to make personal scrapbook pages.
• Use this kit for your personal website's layout.
• Use this kit to make quickpages to share on your site, as long as you credit me and leave me a comment somewhere on my blog letting me know you made a quickpage to share on your site.


• Claim any of my graphics, elements, papers, or any part of the kit as your own.
• Alter them to claim them as your own. This includes recoloring, cropping, and/or resizing.
• Redistribute this kit in whole or in part by uploading to any websites or through email or groups.
• Make a profit by selling any part of this kit, in whole or in part. This kit is not for commercial use.
• Use any graphic(s) from my work to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works. Nor is it permitted to use content from any of my creations for any other purpose which is prohibited by law.


• Credit me by linking back to my blog when uploading and posting your finished work(s) to any website, gallery, forum, or message board.

If you enjoyed this kit, please let me know! Enjoy!

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