Friday, October 30, 2009


My first post here!

Well, I suppose I need to make an introduction. I taught myself Photoshop in 1997 when I was thirteen, mostly to make my digital photos look better. Then I started playing around with it just for fun and I soon became a Photoshop addict. Before I started digi-scrapping, I was making digital collages, which is similar. Basically I just extracted backgrounds from photos and then layered them in different ways.

I actually started paper-scrapping first, but it became frustrating because scrapbooking supplies are just so expensive. So I thought, what if I just make it look like it was a traditional scrapbook page? It wasn't until later I realized there was such a thing as digi-scrapping! Now I'm constantly combing different blogs and sites for new scrap goodies, and, recently, I've started making my own.

I'm really excited to share my work and start making and sharing scrap kits. I just finished my very first kit today and I hope to post it in the next day or two. I'd love to know what everyone thinks of it!

Now to show some of my work.

I made 2 digi-scrap page I'd like to share here. (Not all of my pages are pink & girly though! LOL)

I'm not really new to digi-scrapping but I'm new to Blogger so this is pretty interesting to me. I guess for now I'll use this thing to post my scrap pages.

There will be plenty more to come!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I also made the graphics for my blog's layout. Unfortunately, I can't remember where elements and things are from in my earlier scrap pages but in the future I'll try to credit people for their hard work.

Thanks for visiting, be sure to leave a comment or two!


Jacqui's Scraps said...


Joyce said...

Love your work. I've been a fan for a long time.

Jacqui's Scraps said...

Thank you!

Joyce said...

Will you be making more sets soon? Do you know what themes you will be doing? I would love a desert theme with cacti, sunsets, wolves,roadrunners and sand textures.

Also, pet specific themes, like all cats, or birds, or fish. Thank you.

Hannah said...

Have you thought of making templets? Or quick pages? You have a great eye on where pictures and elments should be..which alot of people need guidence on, me included! ^_^